MistaSweet (back in those days named P.A.R.A.noid) & Knowledge were seperately active in the hiphop scene in the north of the Netherlands and met at some studio sessions in Sweet's Heechterp Studio in Leeuwarden which sparked the founding of the crew. DJ's like Sniper, Vandal and Warstar were adopted along the way in the group.

Mixtapes dropped, tracks were made but after some years the path of life went in different directions for the different guys. This resulted in the smaller crew existing of MistaSweet and DJ Knowledge, who decided to keep on operating under the name of Swotteam. Since this time the focus started to expand from strictly hiphop and turntablism to funk, soul and break stuff. One thing stayed the same: they play only vinyl!

Some classic bboy mixes and other mixtapes were dropped during the years after that. You can find a lot of these releases in the Music & Downloads page.
Recently two unofficial members were added: DJ Coldcrush who is the sound expert and TRIK who does all the graphic stuff nowadays.

We hope you enjoy all of the Swotteam stuff and keep supporting the real deal!!